Who Sells Blackstone Griddles? Where Can You Find Them In Stock?

Looking to buy a shiny new Blackstone griddle and have no idea where to start? Have no fear! This guide will tell you all about the best places to buy Blackstone griddles, both online and offline.

With the rise in popularity of outdoor cooking, Blackstone griddles have almost become a household name. Unfortunately, with that and with the supply chain disruptions of recent years caused mainly by Covid, chances are the griddle may be sold out in your favorite stores.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of popular places where you can buy Blackstone griddles. Can’t promise they will have them all in stock though.

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Online Stores

Online shopping is all the rage these days, and for good reason. It’s convenient, easy, and oftentimes you can find exactly what you’re looking for in a matter of minutes together with guides and customer reviews. Well, the rise of online shopping is partly due to the ongoing pandemic, but, umm, yeah.

Here are some of the best places to buy Blackstone griddles and accessories online:


First and foremost, you order the griddles directly from the manufacturer’s website. Their website is fairly easy to navigate and apart from the products themselves, you will find other helpful resources like assembly and user manuals as well as maintenance tips. Customer reviews are present as well, so you know how well the product actually performs.

The orders are shipped from Utah and if your order is worth more than 50 bucks and weighs less than 150 pounds (yes, some of the large griddles exceed that weight), the shipping is free.

The official website is also the place where you will find customer support. You can either call them or submit a support ticket.

One of the downsides is that you cannot always get all their products on their site because they are sometimes offering store-exclusive stuff like the recent 22-inch pizza oven conversion kit that was only available in Walmart.


You can find pretty much anything on Amazon, and Blackstone griddles are no exception. This online behemoth offers a wide variety of Blackstone griddles, both new and used, at different price points.

One of the great things about Amazon is that you can find helpful customer reviews for almost every product. You can also find many third-party sellers that might offer a better deal than the official website or even free shipping. However, make sure to check the seller is legit before purchasing.

Apart from Blackstone griddles and official accessories, you can find tons of third-party accessories on Amazon like griddle covers to protect your griddle from the elements, griddle spatulas, replacement burners, etc. Read the reviews first though so that you don’t buy a dud.


Walmart is another behemoth in the online retail world. They offer a wide variety of Blackstone griddles and accessories, both in-store and online. As I mentioned there have been some exclusive products and deals in the past and they are likely to happen again in the future.

Although perhaps not as big in the online world as Amazon, Walmart is still one of the most popular options to shop for Blackstone griddles.


Lowes is one of the most popular home improvement and hardware stores and they offer a wide variety of Blackstone griddles. They also offer special Blackstone collections. These collections include the griddle and numerous accessories making it easier to get started. For example, there’s a Blackstone Culinary 2-Burner Collection that includes:

  • The griddle
  • Disposable drip cups
  • Multiple Blackstone stainless steel tool sets
  • Cleaning block
  • Softcover

Can you buy those items one by one? Sure, but this makes things easier and the recommendations are not as random as the recommended related products on Amazon.

Anyway, you can have your orders shipped to your home, or you can pick them up at your local store.


Although Wayfair started mainly as a home furniture store, it is now an online retailer that offers a wide variety of products. Unlike Walmart or Lowes, Wayfair doesn’t have any physical stores across the country apart from some in Massachusetts.

Anyway, they offer a variety of Blackstone griddles at different price points. However, many of those were out of stock at the time of writing.


Home Depot is similar to Lowes in that it’s a popular home improvement store. Over 2 000 stores are spread across North America.


BBQGuys is a Louisiana-based online retailer specializing in BBQ grills and accessories. Most Blackstone griddles should be available on their site.

Offline Stores

Although offline shopping has become a nuisance for many people, some still prefer it. After all, you can see and touch the products before buying them.

There are many advantages to buying offline. For example, you can ask the seller questions and get expert advice, although the experts are not always such experts as you would expect. You might also be able to negotiate a better price in some cases.

Before you head to the store, I would recommend checking the store’s website and see whether the product you are looking for is actually available in your local store. It’s not always possible for all stores but should be possible for pretty much any of the large ones like Walmart or Lowes.

So here are some of the retail stores where you can buy Blackstone griddle in person (sorted by alphabet):

  • Ace Hardware
  • BJ’s
  • Big 5 Sporting Goods
  • Cabela’s
  • Camping World
  • DICK’S Sporting Goods
  • Do It Best
  • Dunham’s Sports
  • Field & Stream
  • Fleet Farm
  • Lowe’s
  • Meijer
  • RC Willey
  • Sam’s Club
  • Scheels
  • Target
  • The Home Depot
  • Tractor Supply Company
  • True Value
  • Wallace Hardware Co.
  • Walmart

There are of course more stores that can carry Blackstone products in stock, but I would recommend checking the above list first.

As you can see, there are many places where you can buy Blackstone griddles. The problem is you will need a bit of luck to find the griddle of your choice in stock in your local store.

Can You Buy Blackstone Griddles in Canada?

Maple Leaf

Yes, the United States and Canada are the only countries where the Blackstone griddles are officially sold. If you wish to buy a griddle directly from the company, then know that you should order it from the Canadian official website which is BlackstoneGriddles.ca. The company ships the griddles from Ontario and provides flat-rate shipping for the whole of Canada. Shipping times are usually around 5 to 7 days.

Of course, Blackstone griddles in Canada are available in retail stores as well, both online and in-house.

Can You Buy Blackstone Griddles in Europe?

Update: Blackstone products have finally reached Europe and other parts of the world in 2023. The availability differs in various countries though and I will be covering this topic in more detail soon.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to purchase Blackstone griddles in Europe. As of the time of writing, Blackstone focuses on the US and Canadian markets. Hopefully, that may change in the future. Some online retailers such as Amazon may be able to ship the griddle to you though. However, expect the shipping costs to be very high due to the size and weight of the product.


Blackstone griddles are becoming increasingly popular due to their quality, versatility, and reasonable price. You can buy them either online or offline from many different stores. The problem is that not all stores will have the griddle you want in stock so it might take a bit of searching to find one. The best option is to buy online from the official website or one of the big eCommerce stores like Amazon or Walmart.

If you’re not in the US or Canada, I’m sorry to say that you won’t be able to purchase a Blackstone griddle directly from the company. Your only hope is to find an online retailer that ships internationally. Be prepared to pay high shipping costs though.


Why are Blackstone griddles always out of stock?

Blackstone griddles are often out of stock because of the rise in popularity and the disruptions in supply chains that are affecting pretty much the whole world since 2020.

Can you buy a Blackstone griddle in Australia?

Since 2023, Blackstone griddles are available in Australia though the selection is still limited. You can buy them at Bunnings Warehouse.

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