Can You Use a Blackstone Griddle on a Porch?

You’re hosting a cookout with your friends and you’re looking to show off your griddling skills. You’ve got your Blackstone griddle set up, and ready to go. But it looks like it’s gonna start raining soon.

Your first thought is to move the griddle onto your roofed porch. Can you really use a Blackstone griddle on a porch and is it safe?

Quick answer:

Yes, a Blackstone griddle can be used on an open porch with a roof. However, you must take certain safety measures such as keeping it away from the house, and flammable items and ensuring there is proper ventilation.

If your porch is screened or enclosed, the situation is a bit more complicated and there will be more factors to consider. I will go through them in more detail in the rest of this article.

Let’s dive deeper.

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Using a Blackstone Griddle on an Open Porch

An open porch is a type of porch that does not have walls and may or may not have a roof. It is typically surrounded by a railing and is open to the elements.

Blackstone griddles and other flattop grills can be used on open porches as long as they are kept away from the house and any flammable items. This includes things like deck chairs, tables, and wooden or plastic railings.

Open Porch With Roof

If your porch has a roof, that’s great because the roof will protect the griddle from rain and snow. Unfortunately, a roof can also prove to be a problem.

If your porch roof or ceiling is not high enough, there is a risk of it getting damaged by the heat rising from the griddle.

Unlike charcoal grills, griddles and gas grills don’t produce smoke. Unless of course, you manage to burn the food you are preparing. Thanks to that there’s not really an issue with your ceiling and walls getting stained by the smoke.

However, what gas grills and griddles do produce is grease-laden vapors. These vapors are flammable, which by itself is not that big of a deal when griddling on an open porch because the airflow will disperse the vapors.

On the other hand, the grease may start accumulating in the vicinity of the griddle. Especially on the ceiling above. If you prepare a lot of greasy stuff like burgers often, it is a good idea to have the area around and above the griddle cleaned regularly. Consider getting a high-quality grill mat to protect the area around the griddle.

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Can You Use a Blackstone Griddle on a Screen Porch?

A screened porch is a type of porch that has half-walls or railing and a roof, but unlike the open porch, it is screened in so that insects cannot get in.

I know that many of you are currently dealing with the same issue as many others are. You are trying to enjoy time on your porch while being constantly pestered by mosquitos, flies, wasps, and many other annoying insects.

A screened porch is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors while keeping the pesky bugs at bay. However, using a Blackstone griddle on a screened porch can be a bit trickier than on an open porch.

You can use a Blackstone griddle on a screened porch as long as you take a few safety precautions and your porch is not too small because the screen will slightly reduce the airflow.

The main concern with using a griddle on a screened porch is the danger of fire. Just like with an open porch you need to be careful of where you place the griddle and what is around it.

The major flammable items on a screened porch are usually the screens themselves. If you place the griddle too close to them, there is a danger of the heat igniting or at least damaging the screen.

Of course, it also depends on the type of screening you have installed. Nowadays, experts mostly recommend fiberglass screen mesh because, among other things, it is more fire-resistant than other types of screen mesh. On the other hand, if you have a cheap plastic screen, you definitely should put the griddle well away from the screening.

Another concern with using a Blackstone griddle on a screened porch is the grease. I mentioned earlier that gas grills and griddles produce grease-laden vapors.

The screened porch will provide some ventilation, but not as much as an open porch. This means that the vapors produced by the griddle will have a harder time dispersing and might start accumulating on the screen near the griddle or under the roof. Sure, that can happen with an open porch as well, but it will be more pronounced on a screened porch.

Another thing to consider is that the screen will block some of the heat coming from the griddle. This can be an issue if you like to cook at high temperatures as it might get quite warm on the porch.

Can You Use a Blackstone Griddle on an Enclosed Porch?

An enclosed porch is a type of porch that has walls or large windows and a roof, which separate it from the outdoors. Enclosed porches are popular in colder climates because they can help keep the interior of the porch warmer.

An enclosed porch may look well like a screened porch, only with the screen mesh replaced by glass or other clear material.

Using a Blackstone griddle or any other gas or charcoal grill on an enclosed porch is generally not recommended due to much-reduced ventilation and the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal.

With an enclosed porch, you have even less ventilation than with a screened one, so the chances of the vapors produced by the griddle accumulating in the porch and causing problems are even higher.

If you absolutely need to use the griddle on your enclosed porch then you should only consider doing so with all the windows open.

I would personally not risk using any gas or charcoal grills on an enclosed porch. Instead, I would recommend looking at some of the electric griddles. The E-series by Blackstone offers as high quality as their gas griddles.

Fire Extinguisher
You should have a fire extinguisher in case the griddle sets something on fire.

Can You Leave Your Blackstone Griddle Out on a Porch?

If you’ve ever owned a steel griddle, then you know that it’s important to keep it clean and dry. Blackstone griddles can rust if they are exposed to moisture for an extended period of time.

Although most porches have roofs that protect the griddle from the rain, they are not always enough. If you live in an area with a lot of humidity, then your griddle is at risk of rusting even if it’s under a roof.

The best way to protect your griddle from the elements is to store it in a shed or garage when you’re not using it. If you can, avoid leaving your griddle outside.

If you don’t have a shed or garage, then you can try to find a spot on your porch where the griddle will be protected from the rain. For example, you can try to put it under an overhang or in a corner where the roof comes down lower.

A waterproof cover can also help protect your griddle from the elements.

If you have an enclosed porch, then you can store your griddle inside when you’re not using it. However, storing in a garage is always the preferred choice.

Pros and Cons of Using a Blackstone Griddle on a Porch

Griddling on a porch comes with both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.


  • You can enjoy your griddle even when it is raining
  • You can use your griddle in winter without having to shovel the snow
  • You are protected from the sun which is nice when cooking in summer during the day
  • You are protected from insects if you have a screened or enclosed porch
  • You can keep the griddle under a porch roof it from rain


  • There is a pretty high chance of mess created by grease pops
  • An enclosed porch can be dangerous due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • A porch can get quite warm due to the lowered airflow

Tips for Using a Blackstone Griddle on a Porch

  1. Never leave your griddle or grill unattended. Otherwise, you are risking a fire.
  2. If you have wooden flooring, investing in a good-quality grill mat is a good idea. It will protect the flooring from grease and from scratches caused by the griddle itself.
  3. Make sure that the griddle is level. A slanted griddle can cause fat and grease to run off to one side, which could create a fire hazard.
  4. If you are using an electric griddle, make sure that the cord is not hanging over the edge of the porch where someone could trip on it.
  5. Keep a fire extinguisher close by in case of an emergency. Many small fire extinguishers are well suited for use with griddles and grills.
  6. If you are using a gas griddle, make sure that there are no leaks in the lines.
  7. Only use your griddle on a porch if you have good ventilation. Otherwise, you are risking carbon monoxide poisoning.
  8. If you have an enclosed porch, make sure to open all the windows for ventilation
  9. If you’re using a gas griddle, check the connections before each use to make sure there are no leaks
  10. Always clean your griddle after each use to prevent rusting.
  11. Use a waterproof cover when storing your griddle on the porch.

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Final Thoughts

Using a griddle on a porch has both pros and cons. Some of the pros include being able to cook in bad weather, protection from the sun and insects, and protection from the wind.

However, there is a high risk of mess created by grease pops, carbon monoxide poisoning in enclosed porches, and fires.

It is important to take into consideration all the risks before using a Blackstone griddle on your porch. By following the tips above, you can help minimize the risks associated with griddling on your porch.

If you want to stay on the safe side, consider using an electric griddle instead.

Remember, safety first!


Can I use a Blackstone griddle on my wood deck?

Yes, you can use a Blackstone griddle on your deck as long as you take the proper safety precautions. Make sure the griddle is level and keep it away from flammable objects such as wooden railings, chairs, or tables. Also, it is a good idea to protect your deck floor from scratches and grease by using a grill mat.

How far away from the house does a griddle need to be?

In general, the recommended distance is 10 feet away from the house. However, this may vary depending on the type of griddle you are using and your local regulations.

Can I use my Blackstone griddle on an apartment balcony?

Depending on your local regulations, you may be able to use your Blackstone griddle on an apartment balcony. Electric griddles are safer to use in this type of situation since there is a much lower risk of fire. Make sure to check with your apartment complex or building manager before using a griddle on your balcony.

Will a griddle melt my vinyl siding?

Griddles produce a lot of heat, so there is a possibility that they could melt your vinyl siding if it is placed too close. However, the griddle should not be placed anywhere near the house in the first place.

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