How To Level A Blackstone Griddle

One key aspect of maintaining an optimal cooking experience is ensuring that your Blackstone griddle is properly leveled.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of leveling your griddle, the best methods for doing so, and some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your cooking experience.

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Is It Important To Level a Blackstone Griddle?

It is very important to have the griddle level for two main reasons. First, a griddle, or any type of grill, that is not leveled is a safety hazard. Second, when the griddle is not level it is a disaster to cook on.

Safety hazard

Why is it a safety hazard to cook on a griddle that is not leveled? Well, when it is not leveled, the griddle is easier to tip over a potentially start a fire. Also, especially the larger units are very heavy and if they were to tip over, it could cause serious harm. I am not saying that a griddle that is just slightly leaning to one side is going to do that but if for example a kid accidentally pushes it, then it could happen.

Poor cooking experience

Unlike a grill where being slightly off doesn’t matter much for the cooking experience, it is a totally different thing with a griddle. If the griddle is not leveled correctly then the oil and juices will keep pooling in certain areas of the griddle and you won’t be able to spread them evenly.

Some might think that having the griddle tipped slightly towards the drip tray is a good idea since it helps with the clean-up. However, I believe we as cooks should dictate when and where the fluids flow. Not the griddle itself. I mean if I use my Blackstone bottle to splash some oil onto the griddle I am not doing that just to have it flow directly into the drip tray, right?

How to Check Whether Your Griddle Is Level?

If it’s not directly visible to you, there are two things you can do to check if your griddle is level.

Splash water or oil on the griddle top

Liquid naturally seeks its level. So if you spray water or oil on the griddle top, it will flow toward the lowest point. This will make it easy to determine whether your griddle is level or not. If it stays in place, you are most likely level.

Use a spirit level

Using a spirit level is a precise way to check the level of your griddle. The air bubble should be centered inside the spirit level for it to be leveled. If the bubble is off-center, then it indicates that your griddle is not leveled.

A bubble spirit level is the best choice for leveling griddles as it can check all directions at once whereas a standard spirit level only checks one direction. However standard spirit level can be used just fine. You can place it on the griddle in a couple of different positions to make sure that the cooking surface is level in all directions.

How to Level Your Blackstone Griddle?

Now that you’ve established that your griddle is not level, it’s time to level it. It’s quite simple. However, it could be even simpler if the griddle itself allowed level adjustments. As far as I know, that’s only possible with the tabletop Blackstones since they have adjustable rubber legs.

For other models, you will need another way of leveling.

First and foremost, place the griddle on as level ground as you can. The uneven surface is the culprit for 99% of griddle leveling issues. I understand it’s not always possible to find such a location, especially if you have chosen a special spot in the backyard or on the patio where you really want your griddle to stand.

Some surfaces such as decks are even supposed to be angled away from the house so that water doesn’t accumulate against the walls.

If you’ve chosen a spot and the griddle is still not leveled you can opt for one of the solutions below.



Most Blackstone griddles have removable griddle tops. They are attached to the frame using four pegs that go into the holes in the frame. You can put a washer on the peg to slightly raise the griddle on the side of the said peg.

This solution is good for small adjustments, if the grade of the slope you are fighting is too big, it’s better to level the whole unit. Using too many washers could cause more issues such as wobbling.

Pieces of cardboard

Using small pieces of cardboard is a popular way of leveling furniture. It’s certainly not the best way but it’s quick and easy. Place a couple of pieces under the foot that needs to be raised and you are done.

Be prepared for the fact that this is not a long time solution as the cardboard will eventually wear away due to the elements.

Caster cups

Caster cups are specially designed to prevent furniture from moving. You can put them under the feet of your griddle and they will slightly lift it and as a bonus will protect the surface underneath from scratches. The problem is that if you need more lift, you have to combine this with other methods.


Shimming is a popular way of leveling when it comes to furniture and works wonders for griddles. It’s easy, relatively cheap, and adjustable. You can get or make shims of various sizes and thicknesses and use them to lift the griddle feet. Shims can be combined with caster cups which is especially useful when you need to raise the wheeled legs.

Shims specifically designed for leveling grills and griddles are also available but they tend to be slightly more expensive than standard shims.

BBQ Butler Gator Tail – Leveling Shims for Grill
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Having your griddle as leveled as possible can change the whole experience of cooking on it. Instead of constantly trying to fight against the slope, you can focus on creating delicious dishes.

A bubble spirit level will quickly help you establish if the griddle is level and what are the necessary adjustments. A couple of pieces of cardboard or shims and you are good to go.

Happy griddling!


Can I use my Blackstone griddle if it's not perfectly level?

As long as it is not leaning on one side so much that it would be dangerous to use, you can use the griddle. The experience won’t be optimal though because gravity would work against you by pulling the cooking oil away from the center of the griddle.

How long does it typically take to level a Blackstone griddle?

As long as you have the necessary material, ie. washers or shims, it takes just a couple of minutes.

Can one person level a Blackstone griddle alone?

One person should be enough for the smaller units. For the large and heavy 36-inch griddles, it might be safer to have a helping hand. But still, if you are strong enough you should be able to do it on your own.

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