Can You Season a Blackstone Griddle With Bacon Grease?

If you wish to get the most out of your Blackstone griddle, it is necessary to season it before you start cooking on it. One of the common queries about seasoning is whether bacon grease can be used for this purpose. After all, bacon is one of the most frequently cooked foods on a Blackstone griddle.

Bacon grease is not suitable for initial seasoning due to its salt and nitrates content. The resulting seasoning may dry out and start flaking quite quickly. If that happens, then the griddle has to be re-seasoned from scratch.

Complete removal of the existing seasoning layer is not exactly the definition of fun.

Salt also attracts moisture which in turn can cause the griddle to rust.

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Can You Use Bacon Grease After the Initial Seasoning?

After the initial seasoning is completed using a more appropriate type of fat, you can use bacon grease in any way you like. It should no longer cause any problems and if you wish, adding additional seasoning layers is an option.

However, it is not really necessary. The first seasoning is usually all that needs to be done. The seasoning will continue to build whenever you are cooking on the griddle with oil or fat. So when cooking some delicious bacon for a breakfast or to put into your burger, you will naturally be adding additional seasoning layers.

What is the smoke point of bacon grease?

Bacon grease starts smoking at about 325°F or 163°C. It’s certainly not the highest smoke point, but it can be used for sautéing and lower-heat frying just fine.

How To Season Your Blackstone Griddle with Bacon Grease

The process of seasoning is pretty much the same as with any other cooking oil. So you can refer to my griddle seasoning guide. one thing that differs is the fact that you first have to obtain the bacon fat if you don’t have some already prepared and stored.

If you don’t know how to obtain bacon grease, then I am not sure why you are reading this article. But just in case you are lost, you obtain it by cooking bacon and then collecting the fat that renders out.

If you are planning on rendering the fat on the griddle, then you can simply collect it in the grease catch tray. You may need to strain it to get rid of some of the bacon bits that may end up there.

After that’s done, you can use the fat to season your griddle. Or you can use it for cooking.

You might be asking why not just immediately spread around the fat that got rendered from the bacon. Well, there will be just too much of it and there will also most likely be some bits and pieces of bacon stuck in there. That’s why it is better to render the fat first, collect it, clean the griddle, and then season it.

If you’d like to prepare the grease in advance you can do it inside on your regular stove. A cast iron skillet with a spout is great for rendering bacon fat. Cook some bacon for a breakfast and pour the rendered grease through a sieve into a cup or plastic container and you are done.

Will Bacon Grease Seasoning Affect the Taste of the Cooked Food?

The type of oil or fat used during the seasoning process does not affect the taste of food cooked on the treated surface. So, even though you are seasoning your griddle with bacon grease, the actual flavor of the food will not change.

During the seasoning process, the fat undergoes a heat-induced chemical reaction which produces a non-stick layer. This is the reason why the food does not stick to it. It also helps to protect the surface from corrosion and wear and tear. The fat is turned into a polymer that’s stuck onto the griddle surface and there’s no grease left behind.

However, if you also use bacon fat as protection before storing your griddle away, then yes, that might affect the flavor the next time you cook on the griddle. But that’s got nothing to do with seasoning itself.

Bacon on a griddle

Bacon Grease Alternatives for Griddle Seasoning

  • Canola Oil: A neutral-tasting oil that can be used for griddle seasoning and is relatively affordable compared to other oils. Very high smoke point.
  • Crisco: A vegetable shortening that works well for seasoning.
  • Olive Oil: While not as high in smoke point as other oils, olive oil can be used for griddle seasoning.
  • Avocado Oil: A high-smoke-point oil with a mild, nutty flavor. Popular among griddle enthusiasts.
  • Vegetable Oil: A popular alternative, usually made from soybean oil, for those who want to avoid using animal products, vegetable oil can also be used for griddle seasoning.
  • Coconut Oil: Another alternative to lard that has a high smoke point and adds a unique flavor to food. Coconut oil is semi-solid at room temperature just similar to lard or vegetable shortenings like Crisco.

Is Bacon Grease Good for Cooking?

If you love bacon, then yes, bacon grease is a great option for cooking as it adds a delicious bacon flavor to any kind of dish. Or more like almost any kind. Sweet dishes like pancakes with bacon grease will not give you the kind of flavor you are looking for.

It can be used for sautéing, frying, and other types of cooking. Eggs, potatoes, various types of meat, and vegetables are some of the dishes that can benefit from the flavor of the grease.

It may not be the healthiest way to cook but it certainly can make things delicious.

Fortunately, if you are more concerned about your health, there are much healthier cooking alternatives such as extra virgin olive oil.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while bacon grease is a great option for cooking due to its delicious smoky flavor, it is not suitable for the initial seasoning of a Blackstone griddle.

The high salt and nitrates content in bacon grease can cause the seasoning to dry out and flake.

After the initial seasoning, bacon grease can be used for cooking without any issues. Other healthier alternatives such as canola oil, avocado oil, or sunflower oil can also be used for the initial seasoning.


Will seasoning with bacon grease ruin my griddle?

No, it won’t ruin your griddle but it may cause the seasoning to peel off when used in the initial stage. That’s why it is not recommended even by the Blackstone folks themselves.

Is it safe to cook with bacon grease?

It is perfectly safe as long as the fat hasn’t gone rancid. Just like any other fats or oils, bacon grease can go rancid when stored improperly or for too long. You’d most likely notice a change in flavor and smell.

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