Can You Use A Blackstone Griddle On A Plastic Table?

Plastic tables are the cheapest and possibly most popular tables used in outdoor cooking setups. Especially when on the road with a camper van. They are lightweight and easy to pack up.

The question is, can you safely use a Blackstone griddle on a plastic table?

Placing a griddle or grill on a plastic table is not recommended because the heat may cause it to melt and/or warp. Plastic tables are also not fire-resistant and may catch on fire if some accident happens with the griddle.

Let’s dive deeper into the details.

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Will a Blackstone Griddle Melt a Plastic Table?

As you may know, Blackstone griddles are capable of reaching over 500°F. That’s hot enough to melt most non-heat-resistant plastics. But it’s important to take into account that the part that’s getting so hot is only the griddle top itself. The rest of the unit won’t get even remotely as hot.

Another important fact is that the heat from underneath the griddle is escaping mostly through the sides and not through the bottom of the unit.

So if you place one of the tabletop Blastones on a table, will it get hot? It will surely get warm. Will it get hot enough to damage the table? That is impossible to answer because plastic tables are not made equal. Some will warp even when exposed to full sunlight.

Many people claim they are using their tabletop Blackstones on plastic tables without any issues. If you wish, you can try it and see how it goes while carefully monitoring the temperature below the griddle. An infrared thermometer is a great tool for this. If the table gets too hot, shut down the griddle immediately.

Still, only do this at your own risk. The official stance that is mentioned even in the manuals is that the tabletop griddles should be placed on a heat and flame-resistant surface.

If you insist on using your plastic table it might be a good idea to place something heat-resistant on the table first and then place your griddle on top. This could be a grilling mat or even a large wooden cutting board. Anything that can stand up to the heat and protect your table from getting too hot.

I’ve even seen someone mentioning using a concrete slab. Be careful with that though because concrete can explode when subject to high temperatures. Although a griddle is very unlikely to provide sufficient heat for that to happen. Charcoal however can cause such an explosion.

What Are the Safer Options?

The safest option is to choose a surface that is both heat-resistant and fire-resistant. The most obvious choice is metal.

Metal doesn’t have to be heavy. Aluminum camping tables are the perfect substitute for plastic. They are light, not that expensive, and heat-resistant. Tables with steel frames may be a bit more rigid, however, they will also be heavier. If you just have to pull the table out of your RV, it’s not a big deal. But if you have to carry the table around, aluminum is the way to go.

Apart from tables, you could also have a look at one of the griddle or grill bases that would fit your griddle. Blackstone sells their own metal stands.

If you want something really fancy, there are also large portable cooking stations you can buy.

As a last resort (or first if you are crafty), you could also build your own DIY griddle stand.

If you want to play it safe and make sure that you won’t damage your plastic table or cause any danger to yourself, you should use something else as a base.

Blackstone Universal Griddle Stand
A universal foldable griddle stand with adjustable legs. Accommodates 17-inch and 22-inch Blackstone griddles.

The obvious choice for the 17 and 22-inch Blackstone tabletop griddles is the official griddle stand. This is a foldable metal stand specifically designed to fit both the 17 and 22-inch Blackstone griddles. There are holes on the top of the stand that accommodate the feet of said griddles.

With its adjustable legs, you can easily level the griddle on any terrain and keep it stable. Plus, the stand comes with a side shelf that adds to your cooking surface and provides additional storage.

I feel like the quality of the whole thing could be a bit better though as it wobbles a bit with the legs extended to max height.

Oh, and sadly, the E-series griddles won’t fit on the stand.

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station
An excellent foldable table with an aluminum top and multiple side shelves.

When you’re looking for a great all-around table to use for your outdoor cooking, look no further than this one. This awesome table can fit 17 and 22-inch Blackstone griddles, even the electric ones.

Made with a steel frame and an aluminum top, it is surprisingly sturdy and stable, no matter what kind of dishes you’re whipping up. Plus, with multiple side shelves, pots or ingredients are never too far away.

It also folds down well and doesn’t take up much space making it a great companion for camping trips. There’s one con though and that is that it doesn’t have adjustable legs. Therefore, you will have to find a flat spot to set it up.

Tips for Using Your Tabletop Blackstone Safely

Griddles are in general safe to use but some precautions still have to be taken.

  • Just like their bigger brothers tabletop griddles are meant to be for outdoor use only. Using a gas-powered device indoors is dangerous and without proper ventilation can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Although the adventure-ready griddles are great for camping trips, don’t use them inside your RV or tent.
  • Don’t use the griddle near any flammable materials like branches or leaves that may be in the surrounding area.
  • Place your griddle on a stable flat surface. If using a table, make sure it is stable enough so that it doesn’t tip over in a sudden gust of wind.
  • Level the griddle so that hot oil or food juices don’t spill over.
  • Don’t leave the griddle unattended while it is in use.

Wrapping Up

While putting a propane griddle on a plastic table is not recommended many people still do it anyway. It is not really safe though and although everything may look OK, there may come a time when things go south.

If you want to make your setup as safe as possible, investing in a metal stand or table is a wise idea. It doesn’t have to necessarily be made specifically to fit a Blackstone griddle. You just have to make sure the dimensions are right.


Can you use a Blackstone griddle without a stand?

Yes, the smaller models are designed so that the stand is optional. The 17 and 22 Blacktones are equipped with plastic or rubber feet. You can either place the griddle on a table or directly on the ground, provided there’s nothing underneath that could catch on fire.

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